Stalinism — Aussie style

This Taylor Walker thing is disgusting. I don’t give a fuck if he called the guy a coon, an Abo, a nigger, or a reasonable facsimile of a talking monkey, the way he is being made to grovel is reprehensible. His apology — clearly written by someone else as few footy players speak that way — is the kind of thing one expects not in modern Australia but in Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China. It is SO over the top as to be totally dishonest. He apologizes for hurting the fee-fees of the official’s family AND those of the wider aboriginal community. What, was every aboriginal in the country there at the time? I bloody doubt it. Notice also that we are not told what he said, therefore being asked to condemn him for an unspecified sin and leading many to think he said something really horrible. Make no mistake, the Wokists are evil, sadistic people who will lynch you over the smallest of offences.

Lynch mob here.


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